About Us

Our Philosophy is Simple

We believe that our customers are not only “clients”, who are contacting us for help – To us, our customers are first and foremost; “People”, AND we care about the results!

We know that almost always, our clients come to see us to help with their “pain-
points”. To us, it’s not about the amount of fees we can bill, but it’s about “what needs to be done to solve those pain-points as quickly as possible?”

Often we develop very close relationships with our clients and become their trusted advisors, as we help them quickly and cost-effectively and care about the results It is our mantra that we must give our customers long-term solutions, which we can help them build upon, in order to reach higher and better levels of success at work.

Meet Our Team

The services we offer are headed up by two experienced advocates with skill sets in dispute-resolution in the workplace.

Dee Cranswick

Dee Cranswick has been assisting employers and employees for over 30 years as a legal representative, mediator and facilitator. She has strong negotiation skills and is well-known in Cape Town and Johannesburg as being totally committed to a cause in which she believes. Having been involved in precedent setting cases, Dee has become passionate about establishing fairness and balance in the workplace, so as to assist parties to avoid the “pain” of litigation.

She is actively involved in relationship building in the workplace and has earned the respect of employees and employers alike in establishing real solutions that provide maximum results for her clients. In addition to her legal career, Dee has been appointed as a trustee to the board of the Community Development Foundation, and The Ithemba Broad-Based Ownership Trust.

She chairs the Friends of Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei, an apolitical, community-based non-profit organisation that aims to assist the nature reserve authorities to protect the much-threatened flora and fauna in the Cape Flats area.  She is a Director of and is actively involved in Velisa Africa, a specialised IT skills training organisation for youth development, and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, the Institute of Directors, and other professional associations.

Lynette Myburgh

Lynette Myburgh is an advocate with 20 years of experience in litigation, mediation, and labour related matters. She is also a part-time law lecturer. Lynette is passionate about the preservation of employment relationships and is a highly skilled facilitator.  Lynette is Chairperson of the Foundation for Community Work, an NGO promoting Early Childhood Education.


“Dee is a consummate professional with an absolute integrity for fairness and honesty. Her professional dealings are based on a broad and deep involvement in the HR and labour and legal field and whilst firm, her conduct is always polished with a personal touch of friendliness. I would firmly vouch for Dee’s ability, professionalism and ability to see any business through to its conclusion.”

~ Renate Schreiber

Dee was referred to me after I had been informed of a possible retrenchment by Telkom SA in 2002 I immediately found her to be highly intelligent with the ability to present various scenarios and likely outcomes. She strategizes on her feet, is extremely quick-thinking, and takes absolutely no nonsense from the opposition. I would have her represent me any-day. She is not your typical attorney/advocate in the sense that she will lead you to make the correct decision and not leave you wondering what strategy to follow. Her competence becomes apparent immediately the very first time that you deal with her. On a personal note, she is easy to like and does not present an aloof disposition so common among her peers.”

~ ​Erich Kohlhöfer

“Dee is compassionate about people, with a seven year working relationship, I’ve seen her grow youth, advice corporate, handle HR conflict professionally. Slowly growing Vellisa Africa in an independent, accredited training center supplying corporates with well-trained youth bridging the gap between University and valuable entry level employees. Also advancing the IT training of the employees in Corporates with valuable relevant information.”

~ Herman Botha

“Dee is a professional but easily approachable person. She can work with different kinds of people, like all races or ages. From these few months in her company as a student, I have seen that she could act like a mother when I need one and also as CEO if need CEO’s advise.”

~ Nelly Mthembu

“Dee is a professional and innovative individual who has a deep passion for what she does. She has great leadership qualities and has taught me a lot. Dee is wise, strategic and has a positive leadership technique.”

~ Sanele Mpanza