Mediation, Facilitation, Conciliation

We like to say that we have the skills to resolve ANY conflict at the workplace!

We like to say that we have the skills to resolve ANY conflict at the workplace! That may sound as if we are bragging, and we are! With time, patience and a willingness by the parties to communicate to resolution, we have enjoyed a 100% success rate! We really enjoy the work we do, whether it be facilitation/mediation or conciliation!

There is no business that operates in a conflict-free environment. In fact, it can be great to have diverse views! But destructive conflict is never helpful and can result in extremely damaging relationships going forward.

That is where I.R. Insights comes in! The sooner we reach an agreed way forward when the differences of opinion threaten to destroy a relationship, the better. We really encourage conversations at work, as with communication comes understanding and then we see creative solutions emerge. Sometimes the parties just need a bit of professional help to process the diversity!

We always say:

“There is method and there is magic – the magic of a group of people seeing that they can accomplish more by working together than they can achieve alone.

I.R INSIGHTS offers:

  • Mediation Services=> Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. It involves an independent third party – a mediator – who helps both sides come to an agreement.
  • Facilitation Services=> helping a group of people understand their common objectives and assisting them to plan how to achieve these objectives.
  • Conciliation Services=> is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process whereby the parties to a dispute use a conciliator, who meets with the parties both separately and together in an attempt to resolve their differences.
  • Private Arbitration Services
  • Negotiating with Trade Unions​