Gautrain wage strike continues into second week

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gautrainin24 reports that as the Gautrain strike entered its second week on Monday, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) conducted the first day of its intervention in the industrial action.

According to United National Transport Union (UNTU) spokesperson Sonja Carstens, the Bombela Operating Company (BOC), which runs the Gautrain, put a new offer on the table.  This was apparently for a three-year wage deal, which had previously never been part of the package.  Carstens said this would require further discussion and the CCMA’s intervention was likely to only resume later in the week.  The Gautrain, which ferries approximately 60,000 travellers a month has only been running since 30 July during peak periods, with reduced services, due to the strike.  UNTU is demanding a 10% basic salary increase, a transport allowance of R800, a housing allowance of R1,600 and incentive bonuses of R20 000 for all employees.  The BOC has offered an 8.6% across the board increase, calling the above inflation hike “generous”.

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